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Estimate the potential of 3D printers in lab-on-a-chip prototyping. The channels are only 200 microns wide and 100 microns deep.
This is the first report from SENSORICA
Tibi and Daniel

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Record created date July 23, 2014
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  • Event: Exploring 3D printing for prototyping microfluidics Citation July 23, 2014 from: Lab-on-a-chip
    • Process: 3D printed molds for PDMS-based microfluidics tests on neurons
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        Create microfluidic gradient generator device designs in autoCAD. Adapt the geometry to be consistent with the b9creator 3D printer and convert to the appropriate file type.

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      • Labnotes:

        3D print a prototype of the microfluidic device found in the file with the name: leMassif_b9compatible_exponential_x1_wBase1mm.stl` located in the `lab-on-a-chip` folder. The 4h is just a guess, I don`t know how long this print will take.

    • Event: Resource Production R&D report 1.00 Idea July 23, 2014