Process: Milestone 4 Write report to Conditions for PV characterization starting 2015-08-21 ending 2015-08-23

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Document - Conditions for project @Write Report 1.00 Idea due Aug. 23, 2015


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Work - Writing: 8.00 Time - Hours due Aug. 23, 2015

Create a comprehensive report to close Milestone 4.
The report should be sent to Joshua Pearce from Queen's University at the end of this milestone.
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Process context:

Pattern: Documentation
Context: PV characterization
Order: Work order 165 for Conditions for PV characterization due: 2015-08-22

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Milestone 4 Coordination and Facilitation to Conditions for PV characterization starting 2015-08-09 ending 2015-08-23

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Process notes:

Close Milestone 4 with a comprehensive report.
Budget allocation: $200, for 8 full hours, at 25$/hour.
You can claim the extra time as equity for the commercial version of the device.

See budget allocation

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