Process: Defining the Problem to Garden Manager R&D Report starting 2014-10-15 ending 2014-10-18

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R&D report @Ideation stage 1.00 Idea due Oct. 18, 2014


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Work - Writing: 2.00 Time - Hours due Oct. 18, 2014

Use the "Project main doc" to document the results of all the discussions about problems that need to be tackled.

This can contain sketches. photos, market and consumer reports, general opinion, links to articles and websites etc.

Taken by Tibi
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Oct. 15, 2014 0.00 Time - Hours Done by Abran

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Pattern: Documentation
Order: Work order 139 for Garden Manager R&D Report due: 2014-11-02

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Design considerations to Garden Manager R&D Report starting 2014-10-19 ending 2014-10-21

Process notes:

The first stage of building a product is to identify and study the problem(s) it proposes to solve.

Define and document the problem(s) in broad terms to encompass as many situations and scenarios as possible. The idea is to expose as many flaws and deficiencies in existing systems.

All team members, interested and affected parties should be consulted, if possible, to take in their opinion. The aim is to catalog all aspects of the problem(s) and its impacts.

This document should naturally lead to a categorization and deeper analysis of the problem(s). By clearly defining the problem(s) and its impacts, designing processes become goal oriented and gives a central direction for the whole to work towards. It also provides an overview of expertise that will be required to create a working, marketable product.

OUTPUT : A document that is part of the main Garden Manager page. Ideally, there will also be discussions on dedicated forums and through email as well to solicit as many view-points as possible.