Process: Share Lab fundraising process and Presentation starting 2016-11-19 ending 2017-02-28

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Presentation 1.00 Copy due Dec. 9, 2016

Reply grant questions on Nesta website

Completed: produces 1.00 Copy Dec. 9, 2016
Presentation 1.00 Idea due Feb. 20, 2017

Write "how the grant will be used" ressource allocation paper


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Work - Analysis and Strategy: 1.00 Time - Hours due Nov. 30, 2016

Find the grant proposal by participating to the OpenIDEO challenge

Work events:
Grant writing: 6.00 Time - Hours due Dec. 9, 2016

Re-format DEC proposal and other Sensorica presentations

Work events:
Work - Business building: 6.00 Time - Hours due Jan. 31, 2017

Go to the Nesta event in London to meet teams of innovators.

Work - Administration: 10.00 Time - Hours due Feb. 28, 2017

Write a ressource allocation document to explain how the grant will be udes by Sensorica.


Process context:

Pattern: Funding initiative
Context: Building SENSORICA
Order: Work order 239 , Share Lab fundraising process and Presentation due: 2017-02-28

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