Work Notes for Build testing setup and create test report for the Piezo micromanipulator and R&D report from Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Other work was logged previously as non-production work.

The goal is to build a setup and a protocol to test and characterize the xyz piezo.
The deliverable is a report and piezo specs sheet.

Piezo driver tested

Piezo tested is a piezo stack - PROVENANCE

The previous days I mounted an optical fiber stretch sensor on the Piezo.
I also prepared the LabView program for the tests.

JULY 03, 2013
Today I worked with Jonathan on mounting the new LED 850nm Mosquito to monitor the piezo motion.
We tried to use the Chinese MM circulator in the Mosquito, instead of the Y coupler/splitter, but no light seems to pass through it. the LED and the PD/TIA were coupled directly to make sure that they functioned properly.
I tried to make a Y coupler/splitter using our microsplicer - fusing 3 fibers together, but I was unsuccessful in the first trial. The second one was not completed today, testing will be done tomorrow.

Jul 10 2013
I had to redo the optical fiber attachment to the piezo. The problem was that the piezo was not connected to the fiber holders and was sliding under protective tape. I had to directly connect the piezo the both ends of the piezo ceramic. This her arrangement was tested succesfully. I also adjusted the gain of the mosquito to increase the swing of the signal. We are using an LED mosquito at 850 nm, with the circuit of a mosquito prototype made by Jonathan for the 1550 nm mosquito. I am also using Frederic D laser driver which I connected to a power supply.

Time contributions:

July 12, 2013 1.00 Time - Hours

July 3, 2013 5.00 Time - Hours