Purchase exchange type starting 2014-10-18
Total transfer value: 13.16 Total reciprocal transfer value: 13.16


Receipt Total: 13.16

Transfer: 1.00 Each Part - Arduino-compatible electronics: DS1307 Real Time Clock Breakout Board Kit, GIVE to eCommunity Garden on 2014-10-18, RECEIVE from ABRA on 2014-10-18

Additional Expenses Total: 0

Reciprocal Transfers

Pay Purchase Total: 13.16

Transfer: 13.16 CAD Currency - Canadian Dollars, GIVE to ABRA on 2014-10-18, RECEIVE from Tibi on 2014-10-18


Work event: Work - Shopping 0.25 Time - Hours Oct. 18, 2014 Done by Tibi

Had to go shopping.
Other items were also purchased and logged separately. I divided the total time into multiple parts. In all, it took me one hour and 30 minutes to commute to the store.