Purchase exchange type starting 2014-09-17
Total transfer value: 58.51 Total reciprocal transfer value: 58.51


Receipt Total: 58.51

Transfer: 1.00 Each Equipment - Office - Miscellaneous : Linksys router, GIVE to Building SENSORICA on 2014-09-17, RECEIVE from Best Buy on 2014-09-17

Additional Expenses Total: 0

Reciprocal Transfers

Pay Purchase Total: 58.51

Transfer: 58.51 CAD Currency - Canadian Dollars, GIVE to Best Buy on 2014-09-17, RECEIVE from Tibi on 2014-09-17


Work event: Work - Accounting and Finance 0.75 Time - Hours Sept. 17, 2014 Done by Tibi

Had to go to the store with the car to get it.
This was an emergency, because we were having problems with Internet in the lab and Emmanuelle (sub-lert) was not happy.